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Ox Credit is a leader in credit services for commercial contractors, providing capital, credit enhancement, vendor discounts and project accounting to hard-working contractors over the life of a project.

With Ox Credit you choose which projects to apply our services to help manage your cash flow smarter and earn higher profits.

When enrolled with Ox Credit you can receive:

  • Requisition cash advances to carry you through from requisition to requisition,
  • Early payment discounts for materials,
  • Credit enhancement for better vendor terms,
  • Equipment financing for better margins and improved uptime,
  • Project accounting on every job, so you are ensured full payment and easier project closings.

At Ox Credit you know the cost of our services ahead of time.  We charge a flat-fee based on the project so you know your costs at the onset – no late fees, no factoring, no hidden costs.  There are no upfront costs; when you get paid, we get paid.  Our project accounting team provides you with a project statement so you know where you are on the job at all times – percent completed, total invoiced to date and remaining funds to be collected.

Ox Credit’s approach to underwriting is different from traditional lenders. At Ox Credit our risk management focuses on ensuring that the contractor is able to “perform” the job.

We have staffed our underwriting team with people from the construction industry who are able to assess the applicant’s capabilities, looking carefully at the applicant’s experience and capacity related to the work requiring capital.  To us, we don’t believe a contractor’s credit score reflects on whether the contractor is experienced and capable of completing a job.

We underwrite character and not simply a credit score.