Hurricane Sandy Recovery Fund

United Way

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Cash Advances

The significant cash required due to extended requisition cycles and the tightening credit markets are why we created this program. We provide cash advances to enrolled clients to help ease this burden and facilitate the successful completion of their projects.

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Vendor Discounts

We have developed a unique methodology utilizing cash advances and our negotiation specialists to secure significant supplier and vendor discounts for our clients. This service results in both savings and strengthened credit relationships between our clients and their vendors and suppliers.

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The additional services now being offered are presented with the clear intention of helping the “small business” compete and succeed in a very difficult economy. - Kim Paulicelli, President, Premier Mechanical Services, Inc.
The advance pay option has truly helped us with our cash flow on these projects. Additionally, the quick pay has enabled us to negotiate considerable discounts with our subs, suppliers and vendors.. Thanks for being innovative and flexible - Dennis Roberts, Rocon Contracting, Inc.
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